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Residential Real Estate in Illinois

When people talk about residential real estate, this generally encompasses apartments, multi-family homes, terraced homes, condominiums, cooperative buildings, semi-detached dwellings and duplexes, single family detached homes,  portable dwellings such as mobile homes, houseboats, and tents. We primarily deal in residential real estate in Illinois and we generally sell single family homes. Regardless, there are some considerations that you need to make when purchasing residential real estate in Illinois.

What type of property should I buy?

When purchasing real estate in Illinois, one has to consider their personal needs. If you are finding a home for a family, then you should consider getting something along the lines of a single-family detached home or a multi-family home. If you are alone and do not need much space, then perhaps an apartment or a condominium may be better suited to your needs, rather than a home that has too much space for you.

How would cost be a concern, and what factors into the price?

Residential Real Estate in IL

The cost of a residential property depends on the specific type of property and the maintenance costs. For example, comparing the costs of a townhome and a single-family home would be different because a townhome would generally cost less than a single family home, due to the space being smaller and owned by a land lord. You would not have to pay a high mortgage, but you would have to pay rent on top of the mortgage you pay. In comparison to a townhome, a single-family home would have a higher mortgage to pay off and you would have to pay more for maintenance costs, but you would not have to pay rent at all since you are the owner of the house. There are more elements that you would have to look at when purchasing residential real estate in Illinois. We sell reduced-price housing so people who do not have the means to buy an expensive new home, are able to.

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How to Buy Residential Real Estate in IL

Buying Residential Real Estate is an investment in your family and in your future and we are here to help make that dream become a reality.

We buy houses and repair and update them so they are move-in ready, safe, and stamped with our seal of approval. To get residential real estate information in your area call (847) 884-4806.

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