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Our Process

We review hundreds of homes for sale before deciding on the ones which will be perfect for our buyers.  After we've taken ownership of a Right home, our dedicated construction team makes any necessary repairs, updates, and improvements to the property and then hands the home over to our experienced sales team.  Our sales agents list our updated homes for sale to sell quickly!  Our background and reputation is built around providing good homes for sale in good neighborhoods with good schools in a healthful wholesome environment.

A Right home may not have been built by us, but we offer our newly renovated homes for sale with a sense of pride as though it had been.

Value Pricing

We purchased the Right home at a price that is tens of thousands of dollars below market value. After we make all necessary improvements so it’s an ideal fit for our buyers, we can still offer our homes for sale at savings of tens of thousands of dollars to you!  We provide our buyers a rare cost-saving opportunity to purchase homes for sale judged by experts to be of good quality. These savings are the main point of Right Residential homes for sale, the reason for our success, and the reason for our buyers' continuing satisfaction. 

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We Only Offer The Best Homes At The Best Prices

We look at every reduced-price property in the Chicago area to spot the right ones in good neighborhoods with good schools. We buy the right homes at the right prices so we can offer them at outstanding savings. A Right home may not have been built by us, but we offer it with pride as if it had been.

Northbrook Quick View
1664 Longvalley Court, Northbrook, IL


Stately two-story home with partial brick exterior sits on a quiet cul de sac homesite....

Libertyville Quick View
620 S Butterfield Road, Libertyville, IL


A unique custom brick home awaits you! This stunning two story home with 4 bedrooms...

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