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Newly Renovated Chicago Homes

Right Residential is constantly buying homes and renovating them so that we can offer affordable, newly renovated homes in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. These newly renovated Chicago homes are sold at an affordable price, allowing you to get the house you deserve at a discounted cost. We purchase homes below the market value and do all of the renovations, and then we offer these high-quality, newly renovated Chicago homes to the public. Our mission at Right Residential Realty is to give everyone the chance to own a newly renovated home in the Chicago area, without spending more than they can afford.

What is Right Residential’s process?

We search tirelessly for homes that are of good quality, and also have a good price. After a property has been identified and purchased, our renovation team will refurbish and repair the home to whatever extent it requires. As our history will show, we then sell these beautiful, newly renovated Chicago homes at an affordable price. When you buy a newly renovated Chicago home from Right Residential Realty, you know you're getting the most bang for your buck.

How is the price of a newly renovated home determined?

Newly Renovated Chicago Homes

As a rule, our newly renovated Chicago homes are priced based on the location, type of home, and the overall condition of the home. The homes that we purchase and renovate are purchased at a significantly lower price than the market value of comparable homes. Before we even purchase a home, our professionals determine the quality of the home and set a price for our customers. This gives our customers the ability to purchase a newly renovated Chicago home that would have been unattainable if it were brand new.

If you would like to know more about our newly renovated Chicago homes, you can call us at (630) 602-7066 or fill out this simple form below.

How to Buy Residential Real Estate in IL

Buying Residential Real Estate is an investment in your family and in your future and we are here to help make that dream become a reality.

We buy houses and repair and update them so they are move-in ready, safe, and stamped with our seal of approval. To get residential real estate information in your area call (630) 602-7066.

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