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Gurnee Homes for Sale

The real estate professionals at Right Residential serve home buyers who may not have the means to buy expensive new homes for sale or the ability to research foreclosed homes for sale, but deserve a wonderful place to call home. We strive to offer incredibly affordable pricing on our completely remodeled Gurnee, IL, homes for sale by allowing you to obtain the best home that you can for your budget.

We offer Gurnee homes for sale at discounted prices with our historically proven home buying and remodeling process. Right Residential lists our homes at a much more affordable price because we purchase homes to remodel at a price well below market value. Right Residential is the premier real estate expert to find affordable, move-in ready Gurnee homes for sale.

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Affordable Move-In Ready Gurnee Homes for Sale

Gurnee Homes for Sale

At Right Residential, we monitor homes for sale in the Gurnee area, looking for a home that is qualified candidate for remodeling and selling affordably. Each and every home undergoes a thorough inspection process before being listed as a home for sale. When the home is purchased, our talented team of expert remodelers begin refurbishing and upgrading the home, as well as making any repairs that may be needed. Once their work is complete, we will offer the home for sale at an affordable price to buyers interested in purchasing a home in Gurnee.

You can rest assured that you are receiving a top-quality home at an excellent price for each of our Gurnee homes for sale.

Top-Quality Gurnee Homes for Sale at Excellent Prices

Many factors play a part in the pricing of our homes for sale in Gurnee, such as the age, condition, and location of the home. Since Right Residential purchases all of our homes in Gurnee at prices below the market value, we are able to offer these homes for sale to you at a much more affordable price than a new home.

To learn more about our Gurnee homes for sale call (847) 884-4806 now or fill out the form below to and find the home of your dreams today.

We Only Offer the Best Homes at the Best Prices

We look at every reduced-price property in the Chicago area to spot the right ones in good neighborhoods with good schools. We buy the right homes at the right prices so we can offer them at outstanding savings. A Right home may not have been built by us, but we offer it with pride as if it had been.

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