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About Right Residential

We discover unique home buying values.

Right Residential serves buyers who don't have the means to buy expensive new homes for sale or the ability to research foreclosed homes for sale, but who deserve a wonderful place to call home. We navigate the growing field of reduced-priced homes for sale opportunities for you!  We buy the right kinds of homes for sale, fix them up where needed, and then offer the homes for sale at outstanding savings. Our executive team is known for experience we’ve gained over three generations in real estate. Right Residential also does value assessment, property inspections, and title research.

We only offer the best homes at the best prices.

Buy Homes in the Chicago Area

We do not buy homes for sale directly from homeowners dealing with foreclosure.  We do not buy homes for sale currently owned by banks.  We look at all foreclosed homes for sale in the Chicago area that have become takes a good eye like ours to spot the Right ones.  For every home we buy, we reject more than 200 that don't meet the Right standards.  We inspect, establish value, and verify title information before purchasing any homes for sale to ensure we'll be able to pass along a great deal to our buyers.  Our skill in understanding this marketplace of homes for sale makes us unique, and is the key to providing the Right homes for sale to our buyers at the Right prices. We work with both Home sellers and Realtors to focus on a quick, uncomplicated sale.

How to Buy Homes, The Right Idea at the Right Time

Often, we’ll shake hands to purchase homes for sale within one day. But, we’re choosy. The home must be in a good neighborhood with good schools.

When you have a home that needs a good home, make the Right move. Phone Right Residential at (630) 602-7066.

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